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Residents can act during a Special Enrollment Period from May 1 – October 31, 2021. Many current customers will see lower monthly bills.

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP) signed into law on March 11 by President Biden, will make health insurance coverage more affordable and accessible for many residents by virtually eliminating or vastly reducing monthly payments (premiums) for many people with low and moderate incomes who enroll through Access Health CT; and providing new financial help for people with somewhat higher incomes who can face high premiums.

The average savings per household will be $116.05 per month, or $1,392.57 per year

Financial help available through Access Health CT will be significantly greater for people at virtually every income level. Many people who buy their health insurance through Access Health CT will become eligible to receive increased financial help (known as premium tax credits) to reduce their portion of monthly premiums or may be eligible to receive financial help for the first time.

What to know about Premium Tax Credits & Eligibility
Premium Tax Credits lower your monthly payment (or premium). It is a payment sent directly to your insurance company from the federal government to lower the amount that you pay for your plan. To qualify for it, you:

  • Must enroll in coverage through Access Health CT
  • Cannot be eligible for other affordable healthcare coverage through your employer or a government program, such as HUSKY Health (Medicaid/CHIP)
  • Must be a resident of Connecticut and not in prison

Individuals or families are eligible for financial help, or Premium Tax Credits* (PTC), based on:

  • Annual Income: Household’s total expected income for the year
  • Household size: Total number of people in the household that file taxes together

Households with annual income over $51,040 or 400% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) will be newly eligible for financial help through Access Health CT and will see an average monthly savings of over $500 per month or $6,200 per year.

Taxpayers that are eligible for or that collected Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits at any time in 2021, will be automatically considered to have an annual income at 133% of the Federal Poverty Level ($12,880) and will be eligible for a nearly $0 premium benchmark silver plan with comprehensive cost sharing subsidies this year.  To get started, sign in and report a change to your application or create an account.

Already enrolled through Access Health CT?
During the Summer of 2021 Access Health CT will automatically update premium tax credit amounts on behalf of current customers who are eligible. Customers will receive advance notification of any automatic update to lower their portion of monthly premium. These customers will be able to opt out of the automatic update if desired.  Customers who are not eligible for an automatic update will receive notification and recommended next steps.

It is always important to keep your account up-to-date with details like your address and estimated annual household income.

Still have questions?  Remember, all help is FREE!
Whether you have questions about your eligibility, comparing plans, or if you qualify for financial help; our team is ready and available to help!

  • Find Enrollment Specialists in the community
  • In-person help at either of our partner locations:


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