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Affordable Plan Options for You & Your Family

Choosing a health insurance plan can be complex. From Bronze, Gold, Silver and Platinum-level options to the different insurance companies and provider networks…there are many things to think about. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you know what you need from your health insurance plan before you pick a new one or you renew your existing plan. Consider how the plan and coverage will work for you.

And Here’s the Golden Rule

When shopping for a health insurance plan, look beyond the monthly cost or “premium.” Keep your own needs in mind – search for your doctors, prescription drugs and consider planned or expected medical services before you apply.

What you need to know about
Plan Options Available Through Access Health CT

At Access Health CT, all plans cover a set of 10 essential health benefits, including some services offered at no cost like annual checkups and vaccines. The amount you pay each month for your health insurance premium, and the costs you pay out of your own pocket for using medical services, will vary depending on the plan you have. When you shop and compare plans through Access Health CT, you can use our metal levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) to help show differences in costs between plans.

Short & Simple:

  • Catastrophic Plans: These plans have low monthly premiums and provide the lowest level of coverage, but there are restrictions on who can enroll.
  • Bronze Plans: Usually have the lowest monthly premiums, but have higher costs when you get medical care
  • Silver Plans: Tend to have moderate monthly premiums, and have moderate costs when you get medical care
  • Gold Plans: Usually have higher monthly premiums, but have lower costs when you get medical care
  • Platinum Plans: Usually have the highest monthly premiums of any plan category, but have the lowest costs when you get medical care.

Want More Detail

  • Catastrophic Plans:
    Only available to people younger than 30 years old or to those who have been granted a hardship or affordability exemption. You are not eligible to get financial help to pay for catastrophic plans. These plans have low monthly premiums and provide the lowest level of coverage, but they have higher out-of-pocket costs than other types of plans. Is this plan for you? This may be a good option for people who want protection from worst-case scenarios, like getting seriously sick or injured, but you will pay most routine medical expenses yourself. These plans have low monthly premiums, but only cover 3 primary care visits per year before the plan deductible is met and require you to meet the plan deductible for all other covered services before the plan provides coverage. If you qualify for premium tax credits based on your household income, they cannot be applied to a Catastrophic plan so a Bronze or Silver plan is likely to be a better value. Be sure to compare.
  • Bronze Plans:
    May have lower monthly premiums, but may require you to meet high deductibles before the plan starts paying for the services you receive. This means Bronze plans may be cheaper to have, but more expensive to use. Is this plan for you?They may be a good option for people who do not think they will need to use their coverage but want protection against the high costs of serious health events or issues or for those who qualify to use pre-tax dollars to pay for healthcare costs through a Health Savings Account (HSA).
  • Silver Plans:
    May have moderate monthly premiums. A number of services are covered with a copay or coinsurance right away when you use your Silver plan. Silver plans through Access Health CT also have separate, much smaller deductibles for prescription drugs which can provide you with greater access to these benefits. Is this plan for you? They may be a good option for people who may use services from time to time or for people who qualify for Cost-Sharing Reductions (CSRs).

Pay close attention to this:

Cost-Sharing Reductions (CSR) lower the amount ($) you pay out-of-pocket for deductibles, coinsurance and copayments when you get medical services. If you qualify for CSRs, you must enroll in a Silver level plan to get these lower costs.

  • Gold Plans:
    Offer greater coverage but may come with a higher monthly price tag.
    Many Gold plans have low deductibles and often, low out-of-pockets costs when you receive care. Is this plan for you? They may be a good option for people who use services more frequently or who want the assurance that if they need care, they will have lower out-of-pocket costs.
  •  Platinum Plans:
    Offer the lowest costs when you get care, but the highest monthly premium. Deductibles are very low, meaning your plan starts paying its share earlier than for other categories of plans. Is this plan for you? They may be a good option for people who expect to use their health insurance frequently, and care more about having low out-of-pocket costs than a lower monthly payment. However, if you use your plan frequently, you should be aware of your out-of-pocket maximum to understand how much you may be required to pay towards your care during the year.

Are There Other Coverage Options? Yes!

  • Health Coverage for individuals and families:
    Access Health CT partners with the Department of Social Services to offer enrollment in HUSKY Health programs – consisting of Medicaid, known as HUSKY A & D, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), known as HUSKY B. These programs are available at NO Cost or LOW Cost.  More information here.
  • Stand Alone Dental Plans:
    All health insurance plans offered through Access Health CT include pediatric dental coverage as an Essential Health Benefit.  In Connecticut, this is available for anyone under 26 years old. So, stand-alone dental plans can be an option for people who are over 26 years old and need dental coverage or for children not enrolled in a health insurance plan through Access Health CT. Shop Dental Plans
  • Small Business coverage:
    We understand how important it is for you and other small business owners to offer your employees quality healthcare coverage. Access Health CT plans are available to small businesses that have 50 or fewer full-time equivalent employees, with flexible options that make quality healthcare coverage possible — and we offer expert advice and support. Learn more or get a free quote here.

Got it. Where do I Start?
Comparing Plans.

Access Health CT makes it easy for you to compare plan options and consider the costs associated with visiting your doctors, taking prescription drugs, and how often you use medical services.

When choosing a plan, think about costs beyond your monthly payment (premium). Pay attention to your yearly deductible, copayments, or coinsurance costs, and review the plan’s network of providers. Plans with the lowest monthly payments (premiums) are not always the cheapest option for you and your family.

Note: Please know that a Certified Broker can help you review your healthcare coverage needs and advise you on different options (and this help is free!).

Ok, I’m ready to Compare Plans
As Easy as 1.2.3

  1. Visit and click on “Compare Plans”
  2. Answer the questions on the screens
  3. Based on your answers, you will see different plan options and your potential total costs to consider for doctors, prescription drugs and how often you use medical services.

Please note that if you qualify for Medicaid/CHIP, or if you are an American Indian or Alaska Native, you can enroll any time of year. Otherwise, enrollment in a private health insurance plan is only permitted during the annual Open Enrollment period, or during a Special Enrollment period due to a qualifying life event.

Did We Tell You That All Help Is Free?

Yes! Whether you have questions about your eligibility, comparing plans, or if you qualify for financial help; our team is ready and available to help!

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  • Phone: 1-855-805-4325 ; customers who are deaf or hearing impaired may use TTY at 1-855-789-2428 or call with a relay operator (we speak over 100 languages)
  • Get help from Certified Brokers or Enrollment Specialists here.
  • For help with group health insurance call: 1-855-762-4928

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