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Broker Academy Program

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We Are Committed

Access Health CT has an opportunity to drive change in the diversification of the Broker community in the state of Connecticut, with the potential of reducing the disparity between historically underserved communities and those that are well served by the insurance broker community. The Broker Academy Program will create a pathway for new licensed insurance Brokers by recruiting from, and building the skillset of, those who live and work in underserved communities throughout Connecticut.

A licensed Broker will help consumers select a health insurance plan, build, and maintain customer relationships, execute sales, and complete administrative duties, such as document preparation, and follow-up with customers. Customer service is a crucial component of the Broker’s job. Brokers are responsible for ensuring and maintaining customer satisfaction. Demand for Insurance Brokers, for instance, is forecast to increase 9 percent through 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, while job growth for Insurance Brokers is expected to increase 4 percent during the same period.

The primary way an insurance broker earns income is by selling insurance policies to consumers and earning a commission from the insurance carrier. The commission is set by each insurance carrier individually and is pre-approved by the Connecticut Insurance Department. Insurance brokers earn new commissions by selling insurance policies to new consumers, and also are eligible for “renewal” commissions each year if the customers renew the policies the insurance broker originally sold to them. Average salary for a new broker in Hartford CT is $74,356 (

Broker’s Duties and Responsibilities

A Broker performs many different tasks.

Assess Customer Needs

The Broker must be familiar with the healthcare industry, knowledgeable about the health insurance plans available on the market, able to answer customers’ questions about the existing or potential new health insurance plans, and able to advise customers and guide them toward a health plan that fits their needs. It is critical that the Broker be able to discuss offerings articulately and accurately. Brokers are required to continually update their knowledge through training and educational programs and be up to date with new offerings.

Provide Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service is integral to the Broker role. Brokers are often responsible for creating and maintaining potential customer and client relationships, which includes documenting and supporting comprehensive customer information/a client book of record. Brokers must work to maintain these relationships by continually assessing customer needs, identifying concerns, recommending solutions, and following up regularly. The Broker will also collaborate with internal and external teams to provide input and recommendations for the improvement of the customer experience.

Execute Sales

A Broker’s ultimate goal is to successfully enroll individuals to a health insurance plan that fits their needs. Often, Brokers must act as a mediator between the parties, making sure that their concerns and desires are addressed.

Process Transactions

After the Broker identifies the best health insurance plan for the customer and obtains the agreement from the customer to start and complete the enrollment process, the Broker is then responsible for preparing and completing all the necessary documentation including the enrollment application. The paperwork often requires some knowledge of local and federal laws and regulations regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA), income levels including Federal Poverty Levels (FPLs), sales, and taxation. Once the enrollment application is complete, the Broker is responsible for verifying the accuracy of the information and submitting the application for processing. The Broker must ensure that the customer is accurately charged, payments are applied correctly, and all necessary receipts and invoices are provided and filed.

Broker’s Skills and Personal Attributes

Brokers are relationship builders who ensure customer satisfaction. They exhibit excellent interpersonal skills and are enthusiastic, persuasive, and likeable communicators. They are also highly detail-oriented and organized professionals who ensure that all aspects of the brokerage process run smoothly. They are intelligent people who learn quickly, pick up and store large quantities of information and are highly articulate.

Skills and personal attributes required for starting the Broker Academy Program:

If you want to work as a Broker, focus on the following:

  • Have a people-oriented personality
  • Have the ability to work well with others, actively listen, and be responsible and honest
  • Have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Have the ability to build relationships with customers
  • Show proficiency in common computer programs, such as Microsoft Word, and Excel
  • Have sales and customer service experience
  • Be able to work closely with a mentor for a 3-month apprenticeship
  • Be open and honest
  • Be a true team player and strive to have a positive influence on others
  • Be of service and make a positive impact in your community

What The Broker Academy Will Provide:

  • Free training, mentoring, and resources from top performers in the industry to ensure your success
  • Flexible schedule
  • Professional development
  • Stipend after program completion

Applicants’ Requirements:

  • Applicants must be 18 years or older and present the following:
    • GED or High School Diploma
    • 1-3 letters of professional references
    • Personal Statement: Why you would be a good fit for this program
    • Demonstrated history of community involvement or service, communication skills, and customer service skills.

Qualified applicants will be interviewed by AHCT to determine acceptance into the Academy

Our Values in Action

In Access Health CT, with our customers and our employees in mind, we seek to promote the collective values listed below and to live by these behaviors. Our culture of acceptance welcomes and values everyone. We challenge the status quo to find new ways to grow and improve our community, our company, and ourselves. Our people take pride in the service we provide, and in the spirit of the common good that we share.

Access Health CT Values

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