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Open Enrollment ended on January 15, 2022. You may be able to enroll now or get a Special Enrollment Period, click here to learn more. The call center is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.

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Special Enrollment Periods

A Special Enrollment Period is a special window of time outside the Open Enrollment Period when you can enroll in health insurance coverage through Access Health CT. To qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, you must prove that you have a Qualifying Life Event.

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Open Enrollment Period

Your chance each year to enroll in a new medical or dental plan through Access Health CT, usually November 1 – January 15.  Shop, compare and enroll in a plan with free help from one of our Enrollment Specialists or Certified Brokers.

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Access Health CT Coverage Options

Learn about the types of plans you can purchase through Access Health CT, including Individual Medical coverage, Individual Dental Coverage, and health plans for Small Businesses. Metal levels can help you compare plans.

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HUSKY Health Coverage

You can apply through Access Health CT to see if you qualify for free or low-cost coverage through HUSKY Health (Medicaid/Children’s Health Insurance Program). The Department of Social Services partners with Access Health CT for enrollment in HUSKY A, B and D.

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One application to view all options for health coverage. Access Health CT can help determine if you are eligible to enroll in a Qualified Health Plan (QHP), if you qualify for financial help to pay for your coverage, or if you can enroll in HUSKY Health / Medicaid (also known as Children’s Health Insurance Program).

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Financial Help

You may qualify for financial help to pay for health care coverage depending on what you tell us about your tax household size, home address, and Modified Adjusted Gross Income.

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Household Income

When you apply for healthcare coverage through Access Health CT, you will be asked about your household income.  We use this information to see if you qualify for programs like Medicaid (HUSKY Health/Children’s Health Insurance Program) or for financial help in the form of tax credits or cost-sharing reductions.

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Free Help

Whether you have general questions or you need help with your application, there is free help available for you online, by phone or in-person. We have Enrollment Specialists and Certified Brokers who can help you enroll and pick a plan.

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Form 1095-A & Your Taxes

If you or anyone in your household enrolls in a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) through Access Health CT, you will receive a Form 1095-A from Access Health. You will need this form from Access Health CT to complete your federal income tax return – even if you did not receive financial help (tax credits) or were only enrolled for 1 month.

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Plan Rates

Useful for Tax & Insurance Professionals. You will need plan rate tables to complete the Affordability Worksheet (Page 10 of IRS Form 8965) – used to determine if coverage is affordable and if the exemption applies. Second Lowest Cost Silver and Lowest Cost Bronze.

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Exemptions & Appeals

There is no longer be a financial penalty for not having coverage.  An exemption for hardship/affordability is still required for those individuals over the age of 30 looking to purchase a catastrophic health plan.

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Verification Process

When you apply through Access Health CT, you may need to provide us with additional information before or after you submit your application. We may request documents from you to prove the information you supplied to us.

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HUSKY Coverage Extensions & Renewals

A nationwide public health emergency is in effect.  As a result, individuals who were enrolled in HUSKY Health on or after March 18, 2020 may have their benefits extended for the duration of the public health emergency.  Your extended HUSKY Health coverage is only guaranteed while the public health emergency remains in effect.

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Updating Your Information / Reporting Changes

If any of your personal information changes during the year, changes should be reported within 30 days or as quickly as possible. If we don’t have the most up to date information, it can make it harder for us to get in touch with you about your account and it can affect the amount of financial help you can receive or result in you owing the IRS.

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