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Open Enrollment starts November 1, 2021 and ends January 15, 2022. Enroll by December 15 to have coverage starting January 1.

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Get ready to renew your coverage for 2022!

 Don’t miss out on the chance to save on health insurance in 2022 with newly available financial help. Due to changes in federal law, more people than ever before qualify for help paying for health insurance coverage – even those who weren’t eligible in the past.

 Access Health CT encourages all customers to shop and compare plans this year. If you are already enrolled through Access Health CT, you may need to take action to renew your health insurance plan and see all the financial help available to you.

 Make sure you read the letters and messages sent to you in the coming weeks. You may even hear from your Certified Broker about your next steps for renewal. If you need help understanding your renewal notices, your next steps for renewing your coverage, or how to get the most financial help with your monthly payments in 2022, you can get free help from one of our Enrollment Specialists or Certified Brokers.

Renew Your Health Insurance Coverage for 2022

Know If Your QHP Plan Is Auto-Renewable:

If you selected the option to automatically renew your plan then you have agreed to let us confirm that your application details – like household income, address and citizenship status are the same in order to process your renewal. If any of these details are different, sign in and click Report a Change to report changes.  If you do not keep your account information updated, then you may not be able to auto-renew your coverage.

Pay Attention to Important Renewal Notices Mailed:

Toward the end of October you will begin to receive important notices about renewing your coverage for 2022. Most of these will be delivered in a white envelope marked “Important Health Insurance Renewal Details Inside”, and will get a copy in their online account inbox, too. Read these notices and get free help if you do not understand the details.  The information includes: if you qualify for automatic renewal, how much financial help you may be eligible for and what is your expected premium (monthly bill) amount.  These are all important details for your 2022 plan selection. 

Easy steps to renew your plan for 2022 or change your plan selection before automatic renewal

  • Sign in to your online account at as soon as possible. Need to reset your password? Follow the online instructions.
  • Choose an option under Quick Links:
  • To complete your renewal: Click “Report a Change/Renew Coverage” to begin.
  • To change your 2022 plan before automatic renewal on November 29: Click “Report a Change/Renew Coverage” to begin.
  • Complete all sections, including questions about your household size, income, and tax filing status. Review and confirm these details before choosing a 2022 plan.
  • Compare plans and find one that works for your needs. Consider things like your monthly payment (premium), deductible, co-pay, provider networks, and prescription drug coverage.
  • Complete your 2022 application, and if asked, provide documents needed to verify details.

How To Get The Most Financial Help Available To You in 2022

The American Rescue Plan Act has made coverage through AHCT plans more affordable. More people than ever before qualify for help paying for health coverage, even those who weren’t eligible in the past. If you are renewing your coverage for 2022, make sure you get the most out of the financial help available to you.

Want to see if you qualify for newly available financial help?  It’s easy.

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. Click Report a Change in Income or Household under Quick Links
    Important: You must select “Yes” to the question: “Do you want to find out if your family can get help paying for health coverage?” in order to see if you qualify for newly available financial help
  3. Choose the reason for change – make sure to update household size, income, and tax filing status
    Tip: To see if you qualify for newly available financial help select: Updates to Health Coverage for Household Members > See if you qualify for Special Enrollment Period
  4. Complete all sections of the application and sign electronically to see your updated cost savings
  5. Your Eligibility Determination – choose the coverage you want to keep
    Tip: If eligible, check the box for Qualified Health Plan with Advanced Premium Tax Credits
  6. Complete the remaining screens to review and confirm your plan selection for the remainder of 2022
    Tip: To manually adjust the amount of financial help you receive, select: Does anyone below need coverage because they are uninsured, underinsured, or want to receive newly available financial help? for all household members.

Get the most out of your plan

Once you are covered, make sure you choose a doctor and use your plan to stay healthy. Learn more about your benefits and your insurance company.

Pay Your Premium

After you enroll, your insurance company will send you a bill with directions on when your first payment is due and how to pay it. To make sure you have access to your coverage, you should pay your premium bill as soon as possible. Always pay your monthly bill on time to avoid coverage delays or lapses.

Anthem Customers

Click here to make first first-time payments. Future payments can be made online by choosing Pay My Bill.  You can also pay over the phone by calling the Member Services number on the back of your ID card.  Another option is to mail your payment to the address listed on the bill.

ConnectiCare Customers

Click here to make payments online. Even if you don’t currently have an online account you will be able to pay the bill as a guest. Payments can also be made calling 1-800-333-1733 or in-person at any People’s United Bank branch or ConnectiCare Center.  Make sure you bring your bill with you.

Get the most out of your plan >

Once you enroll, make sure you choose a doctor and use your plan to stay healthy. Learn more about your benefits and your insurance company.

Understanding your plan >

Your insurance company can help explain your plan benefits, send or replace your member ID card, help you submit a claim, and more.

Benefits of Coverage >

All plans offered through the marketplace include 10 Essential Health benefits including preventive care like annual check-ups and qualified screenings to help you stay healthy. 

Make sure you stay covered and your information is up-to-date 

Make sure you make your payments to your insurance company every month.

If any of your personal information changes during the year, like where you live, how much you earn or your contact information, you should contact us right away. If we don’t have the most up to date information from you, it can be hard for us to get in touch with you about your account. It can also impact the amount of financial help you qualify for and you could even owe the IRS if your information is not up-to-date.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I pay more in 2022? If so why?

You might. Your monthly payments for a plan can change from year to year, but so can your household needs. That is why it is so important for you to look at your plan options since you may see cost savings by picking a different plan.

  • If you are renewing into the same plan, changes to your family size, tax household, annual income, age or address can make your monthly payment go up or down.
2. Can I change or pick a new plan for 2022?
Yes! You can pick a different plan that meets your healthcare needs and may even see cost savings! Just log in as soon as November 1, 2021 update your application & compare your plan options for 2022.
3. Why should I consider a different plan?

Every year your healthcare coverage needs (e.g. doctors, prescription drugs) can be different.  Monthly payment amounts also change, and you might find monthly payment savings or savings with your out of pocket costs with a different plan.

4. Could I lose my insurance coverage for 2022?

Yes! If you don’t renew or choose a plan through Access Health CT before January 15, 2022, you may not have health insurance coverage for 2022.

5. What is the deadline to pick a plan for 2022?

Customers who need to take action to re-enroll, or want to change their plan for 2022, must select a plan by December 15, 2021 for coverage to start on January 1, 2022. Those who enroll between December 16, 2021 and January 15, 2022 will not have coverage until February 1, 2022.

6. What should I consider when choosing a health insurance plan?

Keep in mind how much you use medical services, and the prescriptions or doctors you want included. Don’t just look at the monthly payments, look at your out-of-pocket costs too.

7. What if I received unemployment income in 2021?

If you received unemployment income in 2021 and additional financial help in 2021, you may see some changes to your financial help in 2022.

Taxpayers that were eligible for or that collected Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits at any time in 2021 were automatically considered to have an annual income at 133% of the Federal Poverty Level ($12,880 for one person) and were eligible for a nearly $0 premium benchmark silver plan with comprehensive cost-sharing subsidies in 2021. Now, these individuals need to re-evaluate their health insurance coverage options for 2022 and take action to see if they qualify for financial help to lower their health insurance costs. There is still financial help available in 2022, and only through Access Health CT.

8. What is different about financial help this year?

A new federal law was passed in March 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act, and it changed the way we calculate financial help for customers for 2021 and 2022. More people than ever before qualify for help paying for health insurance coverage – even those who weren’t eligible in the past.

This has already resulted in an average savings of $127 per month on health insurance premiums for customers! 

9. How is financial help calculated?

Eligible individuals and households will pay no more than 8.5% of their household income towards the cost of the benchmark plan or a less expensive plan for whichever plan you select.

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